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The 2nd Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting (NAAM 2) Oslo, Norway
October 27 – 28, 2017

After the success of the first Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting, in Oslo, in 2015, in which 146 attendees participated from 16 different countries, the Norwegian Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NSAPS) and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) are pleased to invite you to the second Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting, October 27 – 28, 2017.

The annual meeting of the Norwegian Society for Plastic Surgery will be held October 26, just prior to Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting. Please let your colleagues know about this special opportunity to participate in these two events!

We are proud to announce a stellar faculty from Norway, the USA, all the Nordic countries, several European countries and Brazil. Numerous lectures will be presented at this educational one-day meeting.

It is with great sorrow that we learned of the sudden unexpected passing of our dear colleague,
Dr Scott Spear. Dr Spear had confirmed his participation as faculty for our meeting prior to his sudden death and was enthusiastic to visit Norway and be among colleagues and friends.
We will remember him fondly throughout the meeting.

The program will be divided into seven specific sessions: face; breast (2 sessions); stem cells, fat grafting and regenerative surgery; quality of life, patient complaints, and practice management; mortality, morbidity and patient safety in combined/high-risk procedures in aesthetic surgery; and postbariatric (MWL patients) and body contouring surgery.

Of particular interest, one of the breast sessions will deal with the selection of breast implants. Main manufacturers (Allergan, Mentor, Motiva, Polyurethane) will be given equal opportunity to talk about their implants and the reasons plastic surgeons should choose them.
The discussion will include long-term complications regarding ALCL and capsular contracture.

Special emphasis will be placed on recent developments and new techniques in facial, breast and body contouring aesthetic surgery, with video presentations and course-based lectures by world renowned surgeons. The information will be abundant and informative for plastic surgeons of all levels of experience.

This meeting is a milestone in a collaborative effort to elevate aesthetic surgery, with more focus on research, quality of life, patient satisfaction, and developing the best standard of care.
This joint meeting is a solid foundation for a scientific gathering at the highest international level.

The congress will be held in Oslo, which is situated in one of Norway’s beautiful fjords and natural surroundings. Late October in Oslo can be sunny and chilly, about 16ºC (60ºF), with clear skies and chance of rain.

For registration and contact please see below.

E-mail: osloaestheticmeeting@gmail.com.

We look forward to this exciting meeting and seeing you in Oslo on October 27, 2017!

The Meeting Committee

Amin Kalaaji, Bjørn E. Rosenberg, Bjørn Tvedt, Christian Busch

  • Faculty

    Frode Amland – Norway Amin Kalaaji – Norway Frode Samdal – Norway
    Katarina Andjelkov – Serbia Bouraoui Kotti – Tunisia Birgit Stark – Sweden
    Anadi Begic – Norway Guy Malagon – France Jørn Bo Thomsen – Denmark
    Rana Das-Gupta – UK Alessandra Marchi – Italy Patrick Tonnard – Belgium
    Daniel Del Vecchio – USA Maurizio Bruno Nava – Italy Angelo Trivisonno – Italy
    Fredrik Gewalli – Sweden Igor Niechajev – Sweden Bjørn Tvedt – Norway
    James Grotting – USA Timo Pakkanen – Finland Shailesh Vadodaria – UK
    Gudjon L. Gunnarsson – Norway Norbert Pallua – Germany Luis O. Vasconez – USA
    Dennis Von Heimburg – Germany Andreas Printzlau – Denmark Richard J. Warren – Canada
    Mary Jewell – USA Michel Rouif – France Jan Wieslander – Sweden
    Mark Jewell – USA Carlos Roxo – Brazil  
  • Program Friday, October 27

    The 2nd Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting (NAAM 2) Oslo, Norway
    October 27, 2017


    The Meeting Committee
    Amin Kalaaji, Bjørn E. Rosenberg, Bjørn Tvedt, Christian Busch


    Preliminary Program

    Friday, October 27



    Opening Remarks—Organizing Committee Members

    Session 1: Face, Nose, and Eyelid/Ear


    1. Adjunctive Procedures to Improve Facelift Results—Brow and Skin Quality. James Grotting, USA
    2. Using the Face Q to improve Results in Neck Contouring. James Grotting, USA
    3. Aesthetic Surgery of the Face Under Local Anesthesia and No IV Sedation. Luis O. Vasconez, USA
    4. Endoscopic Forehead Lift: Effective, Simple, and Lasting. Luis O. Vasconez, USA
    5. Difficult Neck Lift. Michel Rouif, France


    1. Controlling the Position of the Nasal Tip. Richard J. Warren, Canada
    2. Ethnic Rhinoplasty. Rana Das-Gupta, UK
    3. Nose Q. Application in Rhinoplasty Patients. Amin Kalaaji, Norway
    4. Restoration of the Nasal Function in a Surgically Mutilated Nose. Igor Niechajev, Sweden
    5. Finesse in Rhinoplasty (Prominent Nose). Igor Niechajev, Sweden


    1. Augmentation Blepharoplasty. Patrick Tonnard, Belgium
    2. The Upper Eyelid/Brow Junction. Richard J. Warren, Canada
    3. Lower Eyelid Fat Transposition: Still Good After All These Years. Richard J. Warren, Canada
    4. Suture vs Scoring Technique for Correction of Prominent Ear: Personal Perspective. Shailesh
      Vadodaria, UK

    Panel Discussion


    Session 2: Fat Grafting, Stem Cells, and Regenerative Surgery

    1. Basic Science Behind Stem Cells From Adipose Tissue: Ways to Isolate and Apply Them to Cross the Bridge Between Basic Science and Clinical Practice. Katarina Andjelkov, Serbia
    2. Advances in Harvesting and Processing Fat for More Predictable Results. Katarina Andjelkov,
    3. Latest Research on Fat Grafting and Its Clinical Relevance to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.
    4. Microfat, SNIF, and Nanofat: From Volume Augmentation to Cell Therapy. Patrick Tonnard,
    5. Macrofat vs Microfat vs Nanofat. Angelo Trivisonno, Italy
    6. Fat Grafting to the Face—What I Have Learned. James Grotting, USA
    7. Facial Rejuvenation: Filler vs Lipofilling. What Is the Best Choice? Angelo Trivisonno, Italy
    8. Treating Scleroderma of the Face With Fat and PRP. Guy Magalon, France
    9. Fat Grafting to the Face and to the Breasts. Analyzing the Results by 3D Imaging. Timo Pakkanen, Finland
    10. Lipofilling in the Face and Body: Our Experience With Key Points for Fat Survival. Bouraoui Kotti, Tunisia
    11. Treatment of Breast Malformations by Use of Fat. Alessandra Marchi, Italy
    12. New Indications for Fat Grafting to the Breast. Amin Kalaaji, Norway
    13. An Assessment of the Predictability of Fat Grafting to Correct Complications of Breast Silicone Implants. Katarina Andjelkov, Serbia
    14. Adipose-Derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (ADSVF) in Hand Disability of Patients With Systemic Sclerosis. Guy Magalon, France
    15. Solving Difficult Problems of the Lower Limbs by Fat Injection. Guy Magalon, France

    Panel Discussion


    Session 3: Breast 1

    1. Experience With the Swedish Breast Implant Registry and Report on ICOBRA (International
      Association of Breast Implants Registries). Birgit Stark, Sweden
    2. The Telemark Breast Score: A Reliable and Valid Method for Evaluation of Results After Breast Surgery. Statistically Reliable Method Validated by Matching Towards Breast Q. Anadi Begic, Norway
    3. Breast Reduction Using the Vertical Sculpted Pillar Technique: Videos of Marking and Technique. James Grotting, USA
    4. Revising the Augmented Breast. James Grotting, USA
    5. Biofilm and Infection Control in Breast Augmentation/Reconstruction/Management of Late-
      Term Periprosthetic Fluid. Mark Jewell, USA
    6. Breast Feeding After Breast Augmentation. Mark Jewell, USA
    7. A closer Look at Revision Surgery and Common Complications After Breast Augmentation.
      Maurizio Bruno Nava, Italy
    8. New Technique for Surgical Correction of Inverted Nipple. Amin Kalaaji, Norway
    9. The Ptotic Breast: A Simple Classification and a Simplified Algorithm for Achieving Natural
      Results. Bouraoui Kotti, Tunisia
    10. Mammoplasty and Mastopexy — A Personal Approach. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    11. Breast Augmentation Through Endoscopic Transaxillary Approach. Michel Rouif, France
    12. Primary Breast Augmentation Through Axillary Skin Incision in Small Pointed and Tubular
      Breasts. Jan Wieslander, Sweden
    13. A Novel Method for Treating Gynecomastia. The Use of a Lighted Breast Retractor and Vaser
      Liposuction to Avoid Nipple Scars and to Tighten Skin in 40 Cases. Rana Das-Gupta, UK

    Panel Discussion
    Session 4: Breast 2—Breast Implant Choice: Why Should I Use Your Implants?

    1. Polyurethane Implants: Why I’ve Used Them for the Past 18 Years. Patrick Tonnard, Belgium
    2. Allergan Implants: Achieving Good Clinical Outcomes With the Natrelle Range of Breast Implants. Maurizio Bruno Nava, Italy
    3. Motiva Implants: Composite Breast Augmentation—The Case for Motiva HYBRID. Daniel Del Vecchio, USA
    4. Achieving Reproducible Outcomes in the Complex Breast With Mentor Implants. Dennis Von
      Heimburg, Germany

    Panel Discussion

    Session 5: Patient Safety, Morbidity, and Mortality in Aesthetic Surgery

    1. How Dangerous Is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? Frode Samdal, Norway
    2. Minimize the Risk and Stay Out of Trouble. Frode Samdal, Norway
    3. Combination Procedures in Aesthetic Surgery: What Can We Learn From a Survey? Fredrik
      Gewalli, Sweden
    4. The Metabolic Answer to the Trauma in Combined Surgeries. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    5. Complications in Postbariatric Plastic Surgery. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    6. Safety of Fat Grafting to the Breast.
    7. A New Traffic Light System for Safe Liposuction With Anatomic Consideration. Shailesh
      Vadodaria, UK
    8. Do Not Take Buttocks Fat Graft Lightly: A Rare Case Report of Fatality. Shailesh Vadodaria, UK
    9. Gluteal Augmentation Surgery—Safety Concerns: Anatomic Regions to Avoid When Performing Gluteal Fat Grafting. Katarina Andjelkov, Serbia

    Panel Discussion


    Session 6: Quality of Life, Patient Complaints, and Practice Management

    1. Quality of Life in Intimate Surgery. Amin Kalaaji, Norway
    2. The Dissatisfied Patients: Should We Hide From Them? Frode Samdal, Norway
    3. Can you Design an Experience Your Patient’s Actually Want to Have? “Team Building and
      Operational Effectiveness.” Mary Jewell, USA
    4. Disney Concept of Service Mapping Your Cast of Characters. Mary Jewell, USA
    5. How Safe Is Aesthetic Plastic Surgery? What We Have Learned From the Cosmetassure
      Database. James Grotting, USA
    6. Keeping Your Plastic Surgery Practice Safe. James Grotting, USA

    Panel Discussion
    Session 7: Body Contouring Surgery and Postbariatric (MWL patients)

    1. Liposuction/Liposculpture: A Historic and Scientific Review. Frode Amland, Norway
    2. Gluteal Fat Grafting: Augmentation or Sculpturing? Bjørn Tvedt, Norway
    3. Abdominoplasty: How Anatomy and Art Enhance Our Clinical Approach. Bouraoui Kotti, Tunisia
    4. Central Angiosome Vertical Abdominoplasty Cava: Safe for Any Size. Gudjon L. Gunnarsson,
    5. Repair of Rectusdiastas: 5-Year Follow-Up on a Prospective Randomized Trial Comparing Quill Double-Row Sutures to Submuscular Mesh. Birgit Stark, Sweden
    6. Breast Reconstruction in the MWL Patient Using Autologous Tissue. Andreas Printzlau, Denmark
    7. The Evolution of Postbariatric Plastic Surgery. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    8. Body Lifting With Minimum Undermining. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    9. Systematization and Associations in Postbariatric Plastic Surgery. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    10. Anchor X Classic Abdominoplasty—How to Choose. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    11. Onfaloplasty and Neo-Onfaloplasty. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    12. Braquioplasty: A Simple Approach. Carlos Roxo, Brazil
    13. Simple Reshaping of the Breast in Patients Who Experienced Massive Weight Loss. Jørn Bo
      Thomsen, Denmark
    14. Refined Running Suture Lower Body Lift in Massive Weight Loss Patients. Jørn Bo Thomsen,
    15. Assistance of Liposuction in Skin Reduction Surgery Following Massive Weight Loss. Shailesh Vadodaria, UK
    16. Axillary Fold Contouring in the MWL Patient. All Too Often Forgotten or Disregarded. Gudjon L. Gunnarsson, Norway

    Panel Discussion


    Traditional Norwegian dinner

    Info faculty dinner

  • Program Saturday, October 28

    The 2nd Norwegian-American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting (NAAM 2) Oslo, Norway
    October 28, 2017


    The Meeting Committee
    Amin Kalaaji, Bjørn E. Rosenberg, Bjørn Tvedt, Christian Busch


    Preliminary Program

    Saturday, October 28


    Face Aesthetic Surgery Course 

    1. Personal Evolution of Facial Rejuvenation: Toward Simplification by Focusing on Aesthetic Lines and Curves. James Grotting, USA
    2. Mid Face Facial Rejuvenation: A New Simple and Effective Approach. Luis O. Vasconez, USA
    3. Different Faces, Different Facelift Techniques. Richard J. Warren, Canada
    4. The Different Planes of Lipografting in the Areas of the Face.


    1. Centrofacial Rejuvenation: A New Paradigm in the Reconstruction of Youth. Patrick Tonnard, Belgium
    2. Facelift: A Modern Practical Algorithm. A Personal Approach. Rana Das-Gupta, UK
    3. Why Does Neck Rejuvenation Fail? Richard J. Warren, Canada

    Panel Discussion


    CoolSculpting Lunch Symposium

    Sculpting the Submental: An open window to non-invasive Body Contouring
    Speaker: To be Announced

  • Congress Fee

    The fee includes entry to all sessions and exhibitions, lunch and all café/refreshments breaks.
    No refund will be made after 27th august.

    Members of the NSAPS and ASAPS and the Norwegian Society of Plastic Surgery

    • Until July 1st: 700 NOK ($80)
    • Until August 15th: 800 NOK ($100)
    • Until October 1st: 900 NOK ($110 USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 1400 NOK ($170 USD)

    Members of Swedish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Danish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Finnish Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

    • Until July 1st: 1600 NOK ($ 170USD)
    • Until August 15th: 1800 NOK ($ 220USD)
    • Until October 1st: 2000 NOK ($ 240USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 2500 NOK ($300 USD)

    Members of the ISAPS

    • Until July 1st: 2000 NOK ($ 240USD)
    • Until August 15th: 2200 NOK ($ 260USD)
    • Until October 1st: 2500 NOK ($300 USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 3000 NOK ($360 USD)


    • Until July 1st: 2400 NOK ($ 290USD)
    • Until August 15th: 2700 NOK ($ 320USD)
    • Until October 1st: 3000 NOK ($ 360USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 3500 NOK ($420 USD)

    Residents and researchers

    • Until July 1st: 1500 NOK ($ 180USD)
    • Until August 15th: 1700 NOK ($ 200USD)
    • Until October 1st: 1800 NOK ($215USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 2300 NOK ($270USD)


    • Until July 1st: 1200 NOK ($ 150USD)
    • Until August 15th: 1300 NOK ($ 160USD)
    • Until October 1st: 1400 NOK ($170USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 1900 NOK ($230 USD)

    Faculty and congress dinner:

    • Until July 1st: 900 NOK ($ 110 USD)
    • Until August 15th: 1000 NOK ($ 120 USD)
    • Until October 1st: 1100 NOK ($140 USD)
    • After October 1st and on-site: 1300 NOK ($160 USD)

    To register, please proceed to registration.

  • Registration

  • Congress Venue

    Lovisenberg Diakonale Høgskole
    Lovisenberggata 15B
    0456 Oslo

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  • Exhibitors

    1. Polytech
    2. Allergan
    3. Tulip
    4. Motiva
    5. Mentor
    6. Coolsculpting

  • Hotel Booking

    Delegates attending the 2nd Norwegian American Aesthetic Surgery Meeting 2017 will get discounted rates at selected two hotels:

    Radisson Blu Plaza hotel

    NOK 1795 per single room per night NOK 1995 per double room per night.
    The room rate includes VAT, applicable charges and the following: – Super Breakfast buffet.

    • Kettle, in-room safe, iron and ironboard
    • Free access to fitness room, sauna and swimming pool.
    • Fast free wireless internet access

    + NOK 300 for upgrade to Superior room
    + NOK 500 for upgrade to Business Class room **Prices are not commissionable.

    Booking deadline:
    Friday September 22nd 2017
    Rooms that’s not reserved within the booking deadline will be released.

    Each guest pays directly upon departure.
    The hotel do not offer invoice on individual reservations.

    Rerervations must be guaranteed for late arrival (after 18:00) with credit card details upon booking.

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